Founder’s Word

Our rational leadership has established, through its vision for the future 2030, an unprecedented reality of work and achievement, according to future aspirations, passionate about the future, and always looking to raise the status of the Kingdom, and confirm its leadership and excellence in all fields. Where my lord the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and his faithful crown prince, laid the first building blocks for a prosperous future with God’s will, through vision work programs and strategic initiatives emanating from them such as the National Transformation Program, as this vision and its programs stimulated the private sector to be a strategic partner in economic growth and development renaissance The comprehensive witnessed in our country thanks to God. We at Al-Hadhb Trading and Contracting Company have placed, since the first day in our work more than forty years ago, the interest of this country, and to be a real and essential part of its excellence and successes, in our eyes, so we worked hard, sincerely and dedication to enhance our material and human capabilities, to accomplish infrastructure projects at the highest rates Quality, according to the best standards approved locally and globally. And, thanks to God, we obtained the confidence of our customers from public and private entities and we were able to put the company name as one of the influential brands in the contracting and trade sector, and we have achieved many achievements, confirmed our vision towards creating a strong infrastructure that contributes to strengthening national capabilities towards comprehensive and sustainable development in all areas Our country. In conclusion, I pray with God to grant our wise leadership good luck and success, and to perpetuate safety and prosperity for our country.